No, we are not consulting bots!

We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs who believe it’s possible to create value through an ecosystem which fosters innovation, leading technologies and cutting edge business models.

WhatEver Consulting Group helps companies to develop the culture and processes that support and sustain business innovation in key practice areas:

  • Digital Transformation,
  • Innovation Management
  •  Entrepreneurship.


“Digital Transformation” is not about updating the technology but about upgrading the Business for a Digital World.

Technologies are  emerging at warp speed: mobility,  big data, leaning, virtual reality… and so many others that it’s hard to completely grasp their implications. We work with executives to help them  fully understand the latest digital trends and how they can be applied to boost  business performance.


Digital Tranformation Modeling – Maps the impact of new players and technology and transforms digital threats into opportunities, scenarios and business models for the future. By  helping to understand the possible future(s) we offer a way to engage in concrete actions to get control over the transformation.

Digital Customer Experience – Outlines your customer journey though physical and digital touchpoints to deliver a 360 degree customer experience and lead do insights around product and service innovation.

Digital Operations –  Maps blueprints of back-stage processes  to identify areas for collaboration and process automation, where key digital technologies can be introduced to streamline operations or even take over  cognitive tasks usually done by people.

Platform Design – We help to design  platforms, creating a roadmap for  future  releases that optimizes the software development process for faster time to market


As digital technologies allow businesses to learn in real time, innovation is moving towards a process of constant and rapid experimentation.


Design Thinking Bootcamp – Promotes an innovation culture that that is obsessed with improving customer experiences.

Lean Startup  & Agile Development Bootcamp – Helps teams to validate the viability of their ideas in the market shortening their product development cycles, and allocating time, money and effort in the most effective way

Open Innovation Challenge – Encourages a more open and collaborative approach to innovation. Learn to leverage digital platforms for co-creation crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and understand open business models.

Corporate Acceleration Programs –  Help companies to support a culture of intrepreneurship, exposing employees and executives to advances in technologies and new methodologies.

Innovation Management System – Helps innovation managers to implement an organisation wide and system approach to managing R&D and innovation initiatives. We assess current efforts versus best practices, measure innovation performance, diagnose organisational roadblocks,  and propose a roadmap for putting the system in place.


We’re not just consultants–we’re entrepreneurs like you. We understand how hard it is to build a real business and what it actually takes. If you’re in a startup dealing with some major challenges we are here to help.


Startup Coaching  – Organized in small  sections to help you validate your  business model ,  product and experience design or even to understand the metrics that matter for growing  your business.